Wingwalker Marshalling

Wingwalker MarshallingIn accordance with ICAO Annex 2 Volume 5 (Appendix 1-5) and SA CATS 91.05.1 (5), the wingwalker who is positioned at the aircraft wing tip, provides signals to the pilot/marshaller/push-back operator or tug driver that the aircraft movement ‘on/off’ from a parking position would be unobstructed. This course has been designed to cover safety requirements, identification of hazards and general procedures and includes both classroom and practical training.

Who should attend?

• All relevant personnel involved with schedule and/or non-schedule operations on the Main Apron/s or Operator Aprons where safety is deemed to be a risk during aircraft parking and pushback operations.

How often are these courses presented?

• These courses are presented on demand at the Clients location.

What is the duration of this course?

• This course is presented over a period of 1 day and includes both a theoretical assessment and practical evaluation.

What is the course content?

1. The course covers procedures as listed in ICAO Annex 2 Volume 5 (APP1-5)
2. All relevant training material such as cones, wands, etc. are included for utilisation in the course.

What if I do not pass this course?

• The decision as to whether you will be allowed to re-take this course will be at the discretion of your employer/sponsor. (There are no procedures in place as yet that define any restrictions placed on number of attempts by an applicant.)

What are the costs associated with this course?

• Please contact Marlene Odendal for information on costs associated.