Aeronautical Information Service to Aeronautical Information Management

Who should attend?
• Current AIS/ AIM practitioners and aviation professionals whose business relates to AIS.

How often are these workshops presented?
• These workshops are presented on demand and are scheduled to meet the Client’s operational requirements.

Which Clients has Talking Radio already presented this Workshop to?

• Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority

What is the Aim of this Workshop?
• To develop the knowledge, skills and attitude of the delegates who are part of this Global AIS to AIM transition, in order that they may be adequately prepared for this structural process.

What is the workshop content?
The following subjects are included in this presentation:
• The History of AIS
• The AIS to AIM Roadmap
• Amendment to Annex 15/AIS
• Aeronautical Information Management / ICAO Document 9750 & 9854
• Performance Based Navigation
• FPL2012 Review
• Collaborative Decision Making

What is the duration of this Workshop?
• This course is presented over a 3 day period.

What are the costs associated with this workshop?
• Please contact Cornell-Joan Morton for further information on costs associated.