General RT Mock Examination


Note: South African residents – R219.45 incl VAT. Please email Dylan or Marlene for EFT details

This online product, containing 200 mock examination questions, has been developed using ICAO as a reference guideline for all the subjects included in the General Radio syllabus. It now also includes detailed reporting of all your activity and marks achieved. the purchasing of this product, allows you 1 month’s access to the online database.

Please note that we have received the following information from SACAA Testing Standards – All CPL candidates that did not pass all 8 CPL subjects prior to 2016-07-01 will have to write the Online General Radio Telephony exam. If they have passed all of these CPL subjects, then they only have to pass the General Radio practical test with a SACAA designated Radio Telephony Examiner.

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Each question has 3 possible answers to choose from. It also allows the student the option of either using this mock database in study mode for learning purposes or testing their knowledge that they have acquired by writing and passing the mock examination within an allocated time period.

The General RT Mock Examination product, has been developed using ICAO documentation, CAA Standards and Procedures Manual, SA Civil Aviation Technical Standards, Regulations, Aeronautical Information Circulars and the AIP as reference, in accordance with the amended SACAA syllabus to Appendix 1.5A of Part 61. 

Please Note: This Mock Exam is for practice purposes only and designed to test your knowledge based on the CAA Approved syllabus (as per the Amendment to appendix 1.5a of Part 61). It does not represent the CAA’s actual online exam. Doing well in this General RT Mock Exam therefore does not guarantee automatic success on your live CAA exam. Use this Mock Exam rather to determine your strengths and weaknesses with the General RT syllabus itself.

How does it work?
Once you have signed in, you will have access to your Mock Exam product. You can either complete Study Mode or Exam Mode.
step3If you select the Study Mode button, you will have the option to select the Category and the Order of your questions.

step4By selecting the Continue button, you will start a session in Study Mode – please note there is no time limit and you will receive a reply to each answer you select:


step4-3When you select Exam Mode, you will receive 45 random questions and have 60 minutes to complete your Exam:

step5Once you select the Continue button, you will notice the timer in the bottom right:

step5-2This is what your reporting dashboard looks like, and you can access every session you did – in Study Mode or Exam Mode: