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This product allows you the opportunity to study and prepare for the General Radio License course in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

The study material has been designed to adequately prepare you in all aspects of the South Afrcian Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) prescribed General Radio License syllabus, in accordance with the amendments to appendix 1.5a of SA/CATS 61. Please note however that you will still need to attend a General Radio course presentation as per SACAA requirements, whether it is at the Talking Radio facility or that of any other SACAA accredited training facility.

*Please note: This is an online manual

UPDATE: We have received the following information from SACAA Testing Standards – All CPL candidates that did not pass all 8 CPL subjects prior to 2016-07-01 will have to write the Online General Radio Telephony exam. If they have passed all of these CPL subjects, then they only have to pass the General Radio practical test with a SACAA designated Radio Telephony Examiner.

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This manual was created by Talking Radio to comply with the General Radio License syllabus as prescribed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and in accordance with ICAO document 4444. This product is not a substitute for the CPL student’s attendance of a General Radio License course. It is best suited for those who are studying towards the completion of their Commercial Pilots License and includes the following subjects:

  • Airspace and ATC procedures
  • Radio operating procedures
  • General Radio Telephony (RT) communications in the VHF aeronautical band service
  • General RT terminologies
  • Flight planning


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