General/Commercial RT – Download Version

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This audio transcript has been developed specifically for all Private Pilot Licensed pilots who are in the process of studying towards obtaining their Commercial Pilot’s License and who wish to be adequately prepared for the General Radio License oral skills test.

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This is the Download version of this product – also a CD available for purchase.

The audio transcript includes some of the following Pilot & ATC RT procedures:
• Radio telephony procedures required by a pilot when communicating with an ATC whilst flying in a radar as well as when flying in a non-radar environment.
• Complying with non-standard departures and arrivals, standard instrument departures (SID’s) and standard instrument arrivals (STAR’s).
• Making general blind broadcasts while flying in uncontrolled airspace
• General communication with ATC.

This audio transcript is to be used in conjunction with the relevant Civil Aviation Publications and ICAO documentation, as amended.

Sample of our Introduction chapter: