part 62

As per guidelines associated with RAASA.

Who should attend?
• Those personnel who fly recreational aircraft such as; home-built, gliders, power-paragliders etc.

How often are these courses presented?
• These courses are presented on request by the relative training schools or individuals.
• Online training available via Zoom for multiple individual or group attendees globally

What is the duration of this course presentation?
• The course is presented over a 1 Day period.

What is the course content?
• The course consists of the following:
1. All the theoretical modules as per the proposed syllabus
2. Practical RT examples which includes relative handouts with a quiz for each.
3. Plenty of classroom RT interaction

• You will be issued with a certificate of attendance on completion of this course presentation.

What are the costs associated with this course?
• Please contact Dylan Kemlo for information on costs associated.