Is the SRC exam an open book test?

The SRC examination process is by no means an open book test. This is life-saving equipment and thorough knowledge as well as understanding of the equipment and procedures play a vital role in the safety of lives at sea.

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What does the SRC exam consist of?

The SRC examination process consists of the following:
Section A – SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea)
Section B – Radio Regulations
Section C – RT Voice Procedures (this includes knowing the phonetic alphabet, filling in a radio log as well as completing your practical examinations on our simulators.

The facilitator will thoroughly explain the theory as well as give you ample (guided) practice time on the radio simulators. The goal of the facilitator is to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully pass your course.

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Where are the SRC courses conducted?

Talking Radio is accredited by SAMSA to conduct the course and complete the examinations at our premises in Port Alfred. If you are not from the Eastern Cape, do not worry, as you are more than welcome to make Port Alfred your holiday destination and obtain your SRC while you are here.

If you wish to prepare for your SRC course (and save a bit of money) before joining us in Port Alfred, have a look at our online Blended Learning product: Blended Learning. Alternatively, if it is not possible for you to join us in Port Alfred, and you wish to obtain the manual to study, we have the online SRC manual (only) available for your convenience – SRC Manual (only)

For more information, please feel free to contact either Michaela or Marlene:

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