First AidWho should attend?

• This course is highly recommended for candidates who work in an environment where the likelihood of greater accidents are a reality, or when working or living in remote areas. You will be first on the scene of an accident/incident rendering care until competent medical care arrives.

• This certification is valid for three years, after which a refresher course is required to remain current.

• Please note: No prior training in First Aid needed to be eligible to attend the course.

How often are these courses presented?

• These courses are presented upon request for a minimum of four candidates.

What is the duration of this course presentation?

• The course is presented over a 5 day period.

What is the course content?

• This comprehensive five day course will provide candidates with more in-depth First Aid training and a greater knowledge of vital signs, multiple injury/casualty management, illnesses, behavioural emergencies, communicable diseases, etc. The objective is to train a candidate to be a more experienced and knowledgeable First Aider.

The course consists of the following:
1. All the theoretical modules as per the laid down syllabus
2. Practical sessions to increase your knowledge and competence
3. Plenty of classroom interaction
4. Theoretical examination (pass mark required – 85%)
5. Practical examination (pass mark required – CPR & AED, 100%; Choking, 100%; Scenario, 85%)

What happens if I do not pass these examinations?

• If you do not pass either the theoretical or practical assessments, then you will be allowed one rewrite with that examiner.
• Should you still be found not yet competent on the rewrite then you will be required to repeat the course at an additional cost.

What are the costs associated with this course?

• Please contact Marlene Slade for information and costs associated.

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