Commercial Drone Operations – Africa

Exciting news! In accordance with the latest Tanzanian Ministerial Gazette, Commercial Drone Operations are now permitted, subject to compliance with Subpart F/ (27.240) – Remote Operator Certification, to operate their commercial drone business in this country.

While there are presently just a handful of private drone operators in this country, it is expected that more companies will start to rapidly venture into this business.

This too can be said with commercial drone ventures throughout the rest of the African continent. Drones are still a fairly new concept in Africa and people are just getting used to the concept of utilising this product and the fact that it is able to support an unlimited number of industries in its unique design and ability.

Although there are still a small number of African states that have banned drone operations in their country for now, announcements like that recently made in Tanzania, and various other African states who are following this path, are paving the way in Africa for Commercial Drone Operations to become a sought after commodity in the very near future.

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