base ops


Who should attend?
• Those personnel employed by a commercial airline or non-scheduled operator whose tasks require them to communicate with the relevant aircraft on an associated operational frequency from their companies base station on the ground.

How often are these courses presented?
• These courses are presented on request by registered commercial airlines and non-scheduled operators that are approved Aviation Training Organisations. {ATO}

What is the duration of this course presentation?
• The course is presented over a 1 Day period.

What is the course content?
• The course consists of the following:
1. All the theoretical modules as per the laid down syllabus
2. Practical RT examples which includes relative handouts with a quiz for each.
3. Plenty of classroom RT interaction
4. Theoretical examination (passmark required – 75%)
5. Practical oral skills test (passmark required – 75%)

What happens if I do not pass these examinations?
• If you do not pass either the theoretical or practical assessments, then you will be allowed one more rewrite with that assessor/designated examiner.
• Should you still be found not yet competent on the rewrite then you will be directed to another designated examiner for further review.

What are the costs associated with this course?
• Please contact Cornell-Joan Morton for information on costs associated.