Air Traffic Services Assistant (ICAO051)

As per guidelines associated with SACAA Part 65.

Who should attend?

• Those personnel who are interested in becoming an Air Traffic Controller.
NOTE – This course is an entry level to any of the ATC positions that exist within the Aerodrome, Approach or Area disciplines.

How often are these courses presented?

• These courses are presented on demand.

What is the duration of this course presentation?

• The course is presented over a period of 15 weeks.

What is the course content?

• The course consists of the following:
1. All the theoretical modules as per the proposed syllabus which includes:

Aerodynamics / Aircraft Instruments / Airlaw / AIS General / AIS Theory and Procedures / ATC Procedures / GNSS / Human Factors / ICAO Procedures / Meteorology / Navigation / RVSM / Search and Rescue / Seperations / Radio Technical

2. English Language Proficiency Test

What happens if I do not pass these examinations?

• As per SACAA Part 65 a once off re-write in any two of the subjects may be permitted, provided that the candidate does not attain less than 20% below the required mark on the first attempt. A failure to achieve this will mean immediate failure of the course.

What are the costs associated with this course?

• Please contact Marlene Odendal for information on costs associated.