Welcome to Talking Radio

You are just a few steps away from finding out how we can assist your company with the Remote Operation Certification (ROC) process in order to legally commence with your commercial drone operations.

Please see below the relevant details with regards to the requirements for an ROC and how Talking Radio can facilitate you with this certification process.

  • To establish an ROC there are a number of processes/phases that have to be completed in order to get certified by the SACAA.  The breakdown of the SACAA RPAS ROC Phases on the SACAA website are available here.

You would need the following in order to qualify for an ROC:

    • Air Service Licence (ASL) – applied for through the Department of Transport (DOT)
    • Letter of Intent – First step when applying with the SACAA
    • Remote Pilot Aerial Services (RPAS) Registration – Each RPAS to be used under your ROC must be registered with the SACAA
    • RPAS Operations Manual, which includes the Quality Management System, Safety Management System and Security Manuals
    • Remote Pilot License (RPL)
    • Letter of Approval for each RPAS to be operated under the ROC
    • Various other extra requirements, i.e. An Aeronautical VHF Radio, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher/s, etc.


PHEW   …………Seems like a lot to take in and consider, but no need to worry.  Our team at TR are highly skilled and trained to provide YOU with the necessary assistance to ensure your ROC application process runs as professionally as possible.  

One important factor to consider – Talking Radio will gladly give you guidance and as much information to enable you to get through these processes, once you have signed up with us to facilitate your ROC application, however, as consultants, we are not allowed to get involved in the liaison and application with the various departments.

Talking Radio will also make every effort to assure that information shared with the operator/client is as accurate as possible, however may not be held liable for any outdated information/advice.  The aviation industry is constantly evolving and changes to the Civil Aviation Regulations and Technical Standards are inevitable and sometimes promulgated at short notice.  It is still the responsibility of the Operator/client to verify all facts and information as received.  We urge all our clients to make an effort in familiarising themselves with the processes as per the CATS and CARs and also the TGM supplied by the SACAA for the RPAS Operations – available on their website:  http://www.caa.co.za