ATC ab-initio Introduction (plus Refresher)

The ATC ab-initio Introduction (plus Refresher) Online Examination
 is available in either a “Mock” or “Actual” format.

1. ATC Mock Examination
This version of our product is developed with guidance to each answer utilising specific references obtained from the relevant ICAO Document and Annex recommendations. Since it is meant to help prepare delegates for their Actual exam, it comprises two modes:


Study Mode
An extensive list of relevant questions for each particular discipline, each with four possible answers to choose from. Upon selecting an answer the student receives instant feedback and the correct answer with the relevant reference is displayed. In Study Mode there is no time limit.

Exam Mode
A randomly selected, set number of questions for each particular discipline with four possible answers and a prescribed time limit to simulate the real exam environment. The correct answers and your mark are given at the end of each session in a detailed report sheet. For the ATO Administrator this package includes a comprehensive reporting system that allows the management of delegates’ access to either Study or Exam mode, including the ability to view the results for every Mock Exam attempt.

2. ATC Actual Examination
This product can be developed to meet the Aviation Training Organisations (ATO) Standard Operating Procedures and Regulatory Requirements for many different States. A delegate will have a prescribed time limit to complete each examination. The detailed final score is made available immediately to both the delegate and the ATO Administrator.

This unique online environment has been designed to replace the conventional written examinations for all ATC theoretical subjects and has many advantages, not least of which is the time and resource savings.

Please contact Marlene Odendal for more information.